Weekly Update March 10th 2019

What’s Happening:  
Spring Break is next week and I know I’m excited. How about you? If you are gearing up for spring cleaning, build in an incentive. A massage is a great way to reward yourself for getting your house in order! We have appointments open this week schedule on our website TriBarefootMassage.com.  
Also don’t forget to follow us on Facebook we post allot of good info there as well.  We are always so grateful for support of small business and a great way to do that is to leave reviews for us on GoogleYelp & Facebook.  

Teachers spring breaks is a great time to fit in some selfceare! Keep in mind we not only have appointments available that week, we also can bill your insurance for your massages. Give use a call 505-587-3668 or send us an email Info@tribarefootmassage.com to get the details on scheduling those appointments. 
Fun Holidays this Week:
March 12: Plant a Flower Day – To celebrate, here’s a how-to on planting flowers. https://www.wikihow.com/Plant-Flowers...it's a bit early yet for us here in AK but hopefully soon.
March 14: National Pi Day – Why today? Because today is 3.14, the value of Pi.
March 16: Incredible Kid Day – If you know an incredible kid, let them know how special they are.

Hydration Recipe 
Keeping hydrated is an important part of staying healthy. Water promotes cardiovascular health, keeps your body cool, helps muscles and joints work better and keeps skin supple. Here is this week’s hydration recipe:

Cantaloupe, Honey, and Mint Water
½ c water
½ c honey
4 c (about 2 lbs) cantaloupe cut into 1 inch pieces
¼ c fresh lime juice (about 2 limes)
2 Tbsp fresh mint leaves
¼ tsp salt
sparkling water or club soda
mint sprigs for garnish

·      Combine the honey and water in a small saucepan and heat over medium low heat until water and honey are combined and just beginning to boil, about 2-4 minutes. Remove from heat and cool slightly.
·      Combine honey syrup, cantaloupe, lime juice, mint leaves, and salt in a blender and puree until smooth.
·      Using a fine meshed sieve or a piece of cheesecloth, strain the cantaloupe mixture into another container. Discard solids. You should end up with about 2 cups of liquid.

·      In each glass, pour ½ c of the cantaloupe juice over ice. Fill the rest of the glass with sparkling water or club soda and stir to mix. Alternately, you can mix equal parts cantaloupe juice and sparkling water in a pitcher with ice and pour into glasses as needed. Garnish with a mint sprig and enjoy!

Special Offers
Kristin is working on certifications in both ROM and Fundamentals. Take advantage of a awesome deal and get $15 off ROM sessions with Kristin. Use code ROM15 when you schedule your session. 
Don't forget to schedule those Saturday appointments for March as well next Saturday appointments will be march 16th.

When you trust us with your care, our massage is focused on you.  We strive to help our clients reach their goals.  Helping clients with many of life’s discomforts, whether it be chronic pain, muscle recovery, sports injury, head ache & migraines, or stress.  We want to support our clients in their journey by being a pivotal part of their wellness and self-care routine.

Tri Barefoot Massage is the perfect balance of therapeutic and relaxation massage. We strive to make your experience not only a therapeutic deep tissue experience but also a stress relieving, relaxing experience as well.

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